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  • Replacing a Lost Registration in Missouri

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    Lost Registration Receipts

    Sometimes it's tough to keep track of your registration receipt. If you need a duplicate because you've lost yours, contact your local Department of Revenue office for an application. Complete it, and the Missouri DMV will issue you a new registration receipt for $12.00. You'll need to pay with a check made out to the Missouri Department of Revenue.

    If you're out-of-state and need a new registration receipt, call 573-526-3669 to have an application sent to your out-of-state address. Unfortunately, these forms are carbon-copied, and cannot be downloaded from the DMV's website.

    Lost Tags and Stickers

    To replace your Missouri license plates and/or license tabs, visit your local DMV office with:


    • Single license plate - $8.50, plus $2.50 processing fee.
    • Both license plates - $17, plus $3.50 processing fee.
    • Single tab or set of tabs - $8.50, plus $3.50 processing fee.

    NOTE: The above application process and fees also pertain to applying for the state's anti-theft enhanced security tab. These special tabs, however, are available only in a select number of DMV locations. Call ahead before applying. Otherwise, mail your application and fee to:

    • Missouri Department of Revenue
    • Motor Vehicle Bureau
    • PO Box 100
    • Jefferson City, MO 65105
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