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  • Plate Surrender in Missouri

    Registering a car?

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    Surrendering your Missouri license plates is optional when moving, but required during certain title-transfer situations. Get the full scoop below.

    Moving to Missouri

    After establishing residency in the Show Me state, register your vehicle with the Department of Revenue (DOR) and obtain Missouri plates. No surrendering of your license plates is necessary, unless mandated by your former state’s DMV.

    Before registering is the time to decide whether you want standard Missouri license plates or one of the state’s many specialized plates.

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    Moving from MO

    After leaving the state, you’re not required to surrender your Missouri license plates. The DOR does strongly encourage destroying the plates to prevent unlawful use.

    Selling a Used Car in Missouri

    Before handing over the car keys, remove the license plates from the vehicle. In some instances, you may be allowed to transfer the plates to another vehicle under your name. If it’s a different vehicle type, surrender the plates to the DOR and receive credit for any unused portion of the original registration fee against the registration fee of your other vehicle.

    Read our Title Transfers page for more details.

    Buying a Used Car in MO

    The seller keeps the license plates.

    Learn more about the documents involved in buying a car on our Vehicle Title Transfers page.

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