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    You've just bought a new ATV and you're looking to tear up some terrain. You'll have to title and register your vehicle within 30 days of purchase, or else you'll have to pay a fine. Take the following steps:


    The fees you have to pay vary depending on where you live. A sales tax is required, plus any local sales tax on the net purchase price. In addition, you'll have to pay $8.50 for the title, $10.25 for registration and a $6 processing fee.

    Miscellaneous Notes

    • Missouri DMV doesn't consider "off-road vehicles" (minicabs, mules, gators, etc.) as ATVs, and therefore they do not need to be titled and registered.
    • If you purchased a used ATV for less than $3,000, no sales tax is due on the vehicle
    • ATVs used for "farm use" are not exempt from the sales tax.


    Currently, Missouri DMV doesn't require you to register your snowmobile.


    If you've just purchased a trailer, you need to title and register it by following the same procedures as regular car registration. The only difference is exemption from emissions inspection and costs:

    • 1-year fee is $7.50 with a processing fee.
    • 3-year fee is $22.50 with a processing fee.
    • Fee for a permanent trailer license is $52.50 with a processing fee. Only fifth wheel and kingpin setups are considered for permanent trailer licenses (no ball or bumper type hitches).

    If you're looking to register your RV, visit our page on RV and Motor Home Registration.

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