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    Accessing Missouri's Manuals

    Because a written knowledge exam is necessary for most types of Missouri driver's licenses, the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) has prepared number of driver manuals.

    All manuals are available as downloadable Adobe PDF files on the Missouri DOR website. If you are unable to access the necessary manual online, you may request a printed copy at your nearest driver's license station.

    Types of Missouri Driver Manuals

    Driver Guide

    The Driver Guide is the manual most Missouri drivers will want to review. This useful handbook covers topics such as procedures for safe highway driving, obeying traffic laws, understanding the meaning of road signs, and operating a motor vehicle under adverse weather conditions.

    Issues such as vehicle registration, auto insurance, and penalties for various traffic-related offenses are also discussed. Teen drivers, first-time adult drivers, and those who must retake the written exam after completing a license suspension will find this handbook extremely helpful.

    Commercial Driver License Manual

    A Missouri resident who wishes to be employed as a driver of commercial vehicles must obtain a commercial driver's license. The Missouri Commercial Driver License Manual covers topics such as basic vehicle control, pre-trip safety inspections, transporting passengers or cargo, license renewal procedures, and penalties for traffic offenses.

    If you already have a commercial driver's license and wish to operate a school bus, you'll want to review the School Bus Endorsement Study Manual as well.

    Motorcycle Operation Manual

    Missouri's Motorcycle Operation Manual will cover what you need to know to successfully complete the Class M license knowledge test.

    Topics covered include purchasing protective gear, choosing appropriate clothing, riding within your abilities, avoiding accidents, handling dangerous surfaces, and responding to common mechanical problems.

    Classroom Education vs. Practical Experience

    While you can increase your knowledge of safe driving practices by carefully studying the appropriate Missouri driver manual, there's no substitute for hands-on experience.

    Whether you're a teen driver planning to receive your first license or an experienced driver interested in learning how to operate a commercial motor vehicle, there are driver education programs that combine classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel driving practice to help you develop the skills you need.

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