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  • Defensive Driving in Missouri

    Missouri Defensive Driving Course

    Have points on your Missouri Driving Record? The SafeMotorist Defensive Driving Course is approved and certified by the state of Missouri. This course will ensure that you will receive no points on your driver's license after successful completion of the course.

    Enroll in the Defensive Driving Course

    Enroll in SafeMotorist's Defensive Driving course from the privacy of your own home and complete it at your convenience. This required course is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After you successfully complete the course, you will be mailed a copy of your course completion certificate.

    What is Defensive Driving?

    Defensive driving means always being on the alert. It means putting down your coffee cup and your cell phone, and ignoring any screaming children in the back to focus solely on the road. Hazards abound, situations change in split-seconds, so you must always be prepared for falling rocks, careless pedestrians, and enraged drivers cutting you off.

    Defensive Driving Techniques

    • Keep a respectable distance from the vehicles around you. Always try to have an escape route. So don't match the speed of the car next to you, don't crowd cars in front of you, and stay out of blind spots.
    • Before proceeding across an intersection, look both ways, even if you have the right of way. The one time you don't look will be the time someone runs a red into your side.
    • Be extra careful in parking lots, around schools and parks, and in other places where children might run out unexpectedly. Keep an eye out for car doors flung open without discretion.
    • If someone's tailgating you, pull over and let them pass. You can't teach someone a lesson on your own. Likewise, don't tailgate others.
    • Be extra careful when it first starts raining. This is when oil mixes with water to make an ultra-slick surface. Slow down.
    • Try to not drive behind trucks carrying loads of debris or equipment. Though debris is supposed to be tied down, it often isn't, resulting in a broken windshield at best.
    • Maintain a speed that's safe for your situation. So even if the speed limit's higher, you may have to slow down to allow for inclement weather, bright sun, or erratic traffic.
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