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  • Custom Built Car Registration in Missouri

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    MO Custom Built Car Registration

    If you love cars, there's nothing more exciting than creating your own custom-built vehicle. However, you'll still need to make sure your creation is properly registered with the Missouri Department of Revenue's Motor Vehicle Bureau.

    Generally, a custom-built car is defined as a vehicle that has been significantly altered by the owner. For example, the substitution, removal, or addition of a major component part such as the frame, body, or transmission would qualify your vehicle as a custom-built car. Although custom-built cars are sometimes created from salvaged vehicles, the Missouri Department of Revenue considers the two types of vehicles to be separate entities.

    To register your custom-built car, you'll need to visit your nearest motor vehicle office and provide a signed Application for Missouri Title and License, plus the requested supporting documentation and payment for all necessary fees. In addition, you'll need to provide a bill of sale to indicate that you are the legal owner of all major parts used in your custom-built car.

    After you've submitted the necessary forms, you can check on the status of your registration application by using the online inquiry service on the Missouri Department of Revenue website.