Dealer Licensing in Missouri

To operate a business that sells motor vehicles in the state of Missouri, you must have a motor vehicle dealer license from the Missouri Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Bureau. Licenses are not transferable and must be renewed on a yearly basis.

According to Missouri law, a motor vehicle dealer is any person who sells, barters, leases, or exchanges six or more motor vehicles in a calendar year, with the intent to make a profit. Additionally, a motor vehicle dealer may make wholesale sales if these transactions are reported on his or her monthly sales reports.

Applying for Your Missouri Motor Vehicle Dealer's License

Because dealer licensing applications aren't available online, you'll need to get an application at your nearest motor vehicle office. Or, you can fill out the online request form and have the Department of Revenue mail you the necessary packet.

The application for a Missouri motor vehicle dealer's license will ask for information about the physical location of your business, the size of your display lot, the hours you will be open, the type of vehicles you will be selling, and any repair facilities that you plan to have.

In addition to your completed dealer application, you'll also need to submit a criminal background check, business photograph, surety bond, franchise agreements, manufacturer's letter, and a copy of your business's registration with the Missouri Secretary of State.

Fees for Missouri motor vehicle dealer licenses depend on what type of vehicles you plan to sell. There is a $150 fee per application plus an additional registration fee of $50 for auctions.

Additional Information

If you'd like to learn more about becoming a motor vehicle dealer, you can review the dealer information guide on the Missouri Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Bureau website. Or, you can refer to the articles on Dealer-related Information and Dealer Forms.

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