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    MO Lemon Law

    If you've just gone into debt for a brand new set of wheels, it can be frustrating to discover that your new car has some serious problems. Fortunately, the Missouri New Vehicles Warranty Law can help. Also known as the Lemon Law, this statute protects drivers by forcing manufacturers to honor a vehicle's express warranty.

    To qualify for protection under the Missouri New Vehicles Warranty Law, your vehicle must have been out of service for 30 business days or more, or have been submitted for repairs 4 times or more. If your complaint is found to be valid, you will be entitled to either a replacement vehicle or a refund of the vehicle's purchase price.

    Before you can file a legal complaint under the Missouri New Vehicles Warranty Law, you must provide a formal notice to the vehicle's manufacturer to allow the company an opportunity to correct the problem. If the manufacturer's arbitration process doesn't provide satisfactory results, your vehicle can then be considered a "lemon."

    To learn more about the Missouri New Vehicles Warranty Law and other consumer protections for motorists, you can download an All About Autos guide from the Missouri Attorney General's office.

    Purchasing a Used Car

    Since the Missouri New Vehicles Warranty Law doesn't apply to used cars, purchasing a previously owned motor vehicle requires a leap of faith. To minimize the risk involved, Attorney General Chris Koster recommends the following:

    • Test drive the vehicle under a variety of traffic conditions.
    • Inspect the car for any dings, dents, or signs of cosmetic damage.
    • Have a qualified mechanic inspect the vehicle before you purchase it.
    • Do a title search to determine if the vehicle has ever been in an accident, stolen, or used as a rental car.
    • Get a signed copy of any applicable warranties.
    • If you'll be driving in the St. Louis area, get a copy of the vehicle's emissions inspection report.

    If you have problems dealing with a mechanic who has promised to repair your used car, you may be able to resolve the dispute under the Merchandising Practices Act of the Missouri Revised Statues.

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