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    Minnesota Traffic Tickets

    Receiving a traffic ticket is not a fun experience. The best way to avoid both parking and speeding infractions, as well as other common traffic tickets, is to obey all traffic laws and guidelines in Minnesota, and always practice safe and courteous driving.

    While Minnesota does not have a penalty point system, it does enforce the laws and punish traffic violations accordingly.

    Traffic Violations in Minnesota

    The following are among the most common reasons drivers receive traffic tickets in Minnesota:

    • Exceeding the speed limit.
    • Parking violations.
    • Failure to wear seatbelts.
    • Failure to yield proper right-of-way.
    • Use of unsafe tires.
    • Littering.
    • Failing to provide proof of insurance.
    • Unlawful passing

    Minnesota's insurance requirements, driver's manual, and traffic laws are all aimed at keeping the state's roads and highways safe.

    Observing Minnesota's rules and regulations for insurance, vehicle registration, and safe, defensive driving can eliminate the risk of both traffic tickets and injuries or deaths.

    Pay Your MN Traffic Ticket

    When you receive a traffic ticket in Minnesota, be sure to read all details and make special note of what you need to do to satisfy the fine. Depending on your violation, you may need to appear in court, or you may be able to simply pay the fine. Either way, be aware of any deadline dates, as failing to go to court or paying the fine by the required date could land you in more trouble.

    Also remember that to satisfy your traffic ticket, you won't necessarily be dealing with your local county court. All transactions must be completed with the Minnesota court in the county that you received the traffic ticket in, which may not be your county of residence.

    To pay your traffic ticket, you have the following options:

    • Online.
    • By phone.
    • By mail.


    To pay your traffic ticket online, visit the judicial website of the county you received your ticket in:

    You may have to wait a few days after receiving your traffic ticket before the online system will be able to find your citation.

    NOTE: There may be a convenience fee charged for using the online service.

    By Phone

    To pay your citation by phone, call:

    • (651) 281-3219, if you're calling from one of the following area codes:
      • 763.
      • 651.
      • 612.
      • 952.
    • (800) 657-3611, for all other area codes.

    By Mail

    Tickets Received in Hennepin County

    To pay your Minnesota traffic ticket (received in Hennepin County) by mail, send a check or money order payable to "District Court Administration" to:

    Violations Bureau
    Hennepin Co. Government Center
    300 South 6th Street
    Minneapolis, MN 55487

    Tickets Received in Ramsey County

    Pay your Ramsey County traffic ticket by sending in your a check or money order in the envelope provided with your ticket.&

    Tickets Received Elsewhere in Minnesota

    If you received your citation outside of Hennepin or Ramsey Counties, send a check or money order to:

    Minnesota Court Payment Center
    P.O. Box 898
    Willmar, MN 56201

    NOTE: Write the citation number and your name (as it appears on the traffic ticket) on your check/money order.

    Contest Your Traffic Ticket

    If you do not agree with your citation and wish to contest it, check your traffic ticket for any information on how to do so, or contact the county judicial branch.

    You may be given one of two options:

    • Request a trial and plead "not guilty."
    • Speak to a hearing officer to explain why you committed the offense.

    For more information, contact the local county judicial office listed on your traffic ticket.

    NOTE: Depending on your offense, a court hearing may be mandatory. Your citation will indicate if this is the case.