Salvaged Vehicles in Minnesota

Vehicles in Minnesota are considered salvaged when they are declared "repairable total loss" by an insurance company, are 6 years old or newer and were worth at least $9,000 before the damage, or have a weight rating of more than 26,000 lbs.

Minnesota and other vehicle buyers should beware of hurricane-damaged or otherwise flooded vehicles that may not necessarily be classified as salvaged on the title. Other information on buying and selling vehicles is available on our buying and selling pages.

Insurance companies are required to notify Minnesota's Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) and turn in the following:

  • Title or photocopy of title
  • Application for title in the insurance company's name

Insurance companies may also apply to clear a Minnesota salvage title if the vehicle was transferred to the company after being stolen, and then recovered with minimal damage.

Otherwise, in the case of totaled vehicles, Minnesota registered owners are required to apply for salvage titles. If a vehicle is registered at the same time you apply for a salvage title, the title will not be issued until the salvage status is cleared. To clear salvage status, the vehicle must be repaired and pass inspection first.

If a vehicle from outside of Minnesota has a salvage title and gets purchased in Minnesota, and it has not yet been repaired or inspected, the buyer or dealer must obtain a Minnesota salvage title.

How to Apply for Clear Salvage Status

To apply for clear salvage status, submit the following items to a Minnesota DVS location:

  • Current Minnesota salvage title if one was issued
  • Original receipts for all major replacement parts
  • Passed salvage inspection report
  • Payment for $35 Inspection fee and an $10 filing fee

When the requirements to clear a salvage title in Minnesota have been met, the vehicle may be subject to branding, and may be branded "prior salvage." If it is branded, each subsequent title issued for that vehicle will also be branded "prior salvage." If a vehicle is not subject to branding, a clear Minnesota title will be issued.

For more information, Minnesota DVS may be contacted by phone at (651) 297-2126, by email at:, or by mail at the following address:

Driver and Vehicle Services
445 Minnesota St
St Paul, MN 55101

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