Replacing a Lost CDL in Minnesota

CDL Replacement

Replacing a commercial driver's license (CDL) in Minnesota is a relatively simple process, but must be done at a Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) location.

The DVS will issue a new license to you using the photo on file to verify your identity. If the DVS doesn't have a current photo, can't identify you, or your name has changed since your original license application, you must show proper proof of identity. Be sure to bring payment for duplicate license fee.

Out of State

If you hold a valid Minnesota CDL and are out of the state temporarily, contact the DVS at (651) 297-3298 and apply for a replacement. You must appear at a DVS office in person within 30 days of your return to the state to have a new photo taken.

Replacement is Required

Minnesota law actually requires replacement of licenses with duplicates in cases of loss, theft or damage. If your license has been stolen, you should file a police report.

Also contact credit reporting agencies so they know someone else might have your CDL.

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