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  • Plate Surrender in Minnesota

    Registering a car?

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    Moving out of Minnesota does not require surrendering your license plates to the Department of Vehicle Services (DVS). For more on this topic and other title-transfer scenarios, keep on reading.

    Moving to Minnesota

    After establishing residency register your vehicle with the DVS. Surrendering your license plates is not required, unless mandated by your former state..

    When it comes to register your car, the MN DVS gives you a wide variety of license plates to choose from, ranging from specialized to standard.

    For more on your new state, jump over to our relocation guide.

    Moving from MN

    You do not have to surrender your license plates to the DVS after moving out of Minnesota. You can keep as souvenirs or dispose of as you wish.

    For help with your move, check out our Moving Out of Minnesota page.

    Selling a Used Car in Minnesota

    Most Minnesota license plates stay with the vehicle. This means you do not remove the plates and surrender them to the DVS. The buyer obtains the vehicle and the license plates.

    Some specialized plates may be removed and transferred to another vehicle of the same type provided its owned by you. If in doubt, check with your DVS agent for clarification.

    Wander on to our Title Transfers page for additional selling information.

    Buying a Used Car in MN

    Standard Minnesota license plates remain on the vehicle, while certain specialized plates stay with the seller. Regardless of situation, you must register the vehicle with the DVS.

    For more help, visit our Vehicle Title Transfers page.

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