Motorcycle Registration in Minnesota

Motorcycle registration in Minnesota is somewhat different from regular vehicle registration in the state. In addition, motorcycle drivers may be suspended if required insurance is not provided by the driver/owner of the motorcycle.

Motorcycles must be re-registered regularly, and must also meet some operational guidelines from Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) regarding safety equipment.

Motorcycles in Minnesota have to be titled and registered, and must display one license plate showing that registration and tax have been paid.

Renewal must be done annually. This can be done at any deputy registrar's office. Fees vary.

If you are a motorcycle rider and are new to Minnesota, you have 60 days to register your bike.

Insurance Requirements

Minnesota has a no-fault insurance law that requires all cycles registered in the state to be covered by liability insurance for personal injury and property damage. Other insurance―no-fault and uninsured motorist protection―is optional, as is coverage for damage, loss, or theft of the registered motorcycle.

When registering, motorcycle drivers in Minnesota must present the names of their insurers (not agencies), and their policy numbers.

Safety Equipment

To register their bikes, all motorcycle riders in Minnesota must also have the following basic safety equipment in working condition:

  • Protective eyeglasses, goggles, or face shield
  • Windscreen is optional, but does not preclude requirement for the above face and eye protection
  • Passenger footrests must be provided along with seat for passenger
  • Rear-view mirror, horn, muffler
  • At least one headlight with low and high beam, but no more than two headlights
  • One red taillight, including brake lamp or stop lamp
  • At least one brake, front or rear, which can be operated by hand or foot

As for helmets, Minnesota motorcycle riders who are younger than 18 years old years of age must wear protective headgear. Minnesota does not require properly endorsed motorcycle riders who are at least 18 years old to wear helmets. The state repealed a mandatory helmet law, but still allows for a reduction in the amount of damages that may be awarded in a motorcycle crash court case if the rider was not wearing a helmet.

For more information on motorcycle registration, you may contact a local deputy registrar at (651) 297-2126, or e-mail the Minnesota DVS at

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