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  • Motorcycle Manual in Minnesota

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    The Minnesota Motorcycle/Motorized Bicycle Manual is posted online by Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS).

    The manual, provided as a series of Web pages, outlines motorcycle requirements, safe riding, equipment checks, and gear. It does not, however, cover Minnesota laws pertaining to motorcycles and their operation. For information on the rules of the road and Minnesota law, refer to the Minnesota Driver's Manual.

    NOTE: In an effort to reduce printing and storage costs, the DVS no longer offers any of its manuals (Class D, motorcycle, CDL) in print.

    Minnesota's Motorcycle Manual outlines several keys to safe driving:

    Preparation for Riding

    Motorcycle riders in Minnesota are reminded that the right gear can make their driving safer and more enjoyable. Before you get rolling, make sure you are wearing the proper gear, including helmet, eye and face protection, and proper clothing. Also, check your equipment, including your bike, and be sure you are familiar with a motorcycle before driving it.

    Rules of Operation

    There are a number of operating rules specific to motorcycle driving in Minnesota, including the following:

    • Motorcyclists must ride on a regular, permanent seat.
    • Passengers can ride on a permanent seat if it is designed for two people, or on an additional, attached seat or side car.
    • Riders under 18 years old must wear protective headgear.
    • Riders must be able to touch the foot pegs on both sides of the motorcycle.
    • Drivers and riders must sit astride the motorcycle seat with either leg on opposite sides of the bike, except for side cars and three-wheelers.
    • Drivers may not carry packages or other articles that interfere with keeping both hands on the handlebars.
    • Motorcycle drivers may not drive between lanes of moving or stationary traffic.
    • Two motorcycles may be driven abreast in one lane.
    • Motorcycles, as well as other vehicles, are entitled to full use of traffic lanes.
    • Motorcycle headlights must be turned on at all times.

    Motorized Bicycle and Moped Requirements and Operation

    • Because of their relatively low speeds, motorized bicycles and mopeds should be driven to the far right of the roadway unless turning left.
    • Riding on sidewalks is not permitted, except where necessary for a short distance to get from a driveway, alley, or building to the roadway.
    • Motorized bicycles and mopeds are not permitted on bicycle lanes and trails.
    • Motorized bicycles and mopeds are not permitted on interstate freeways.
    • Each motorized bicycle and moped must be equipped with headlight and taillight to be driven at night.
    • Parents or guardians of drivers under 16 years old may also ride, provided the motorized bicycle or moped is equipped for it.

    Other rules of the roads and driving tips are available in the Minnesota Driver's Manual, as well as other resources on motorcycles.

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