Motorcycle License in Minnesota

Minnesota provides a wide range of beautiful scenery for motorcycle riders along its many routes and safe highways.

Although the state may not be hospitable to motorcycle riding all year long, the spring, summer, and fall months generally provide good biking conditions.

To obtain a Minnesota motorcycle license, Minnesota residents must have a valid regular driver license. Next, you must pass a motorcycle endorsement knowledge test, get a permit, and then pass a driving test. Beyond that, you may take different skill tests for types of motorcycles to remove restrictions from your license.

Motorcycle Learner's Permit

Obtaining a permit consists of passing the knowledge test, based on the Minnesota Motorcycle/Motorized Bicycle Manual, at a driver examination station.

Motorcycle Driver Education and Training

Upon passing knowledge test, you must pay the $21 fee to receive a "Record of Examination," which serves as your instruction permit. This entitles you to practice riding on Minnesota streets and roads. However, there are restrictions as follows:

  • No carrying passengers
  • No riding at night
  • No interstate highway riding
  • No riding without protective head gear

If you are younger than 18 years old, you must present a certificate of enrollment in an approved motorcycle training course and proof of completion of required class instruction.

Road Skill Test

To obtain a Permanent License Endorsement for riding motorcycles, you may take the skills test at a DVS station that administers the motorcycle skills exams.

After passing the motorcycle skill test, apply for a duplicate license, which costs $14.75. You will get a receipt that allows you to ride your motorcycle without restrictions. When you receive your motorcycle license, it will have the appropriate endorsements and/or restrictions on it.

New Minnesota Residents

If you are from outside Minnesota and have a valid driver's license that has not expired within the last year, you may take the motorcycle knowledge test when you take the license knowledge test. If you already have a motorcycle endorsement, the motorcycle test may be waived, provided the previous state has a skills test comparable to that of Minnesota's.

Renewal Fees

A Class D driver's license renewal is $25.25. Renewing your motorcycle endorsement costs an additional $13.

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