Lost Traffic Ticket in Minnesota

SUMMARY: How to Find Lost Minnesota Traffic Ticket Information

If you lost your MN traffic ticket, you can search for details about your lost ticket either online or by phone. The county court you will need to contact depends on where you received your traffic ticket.

NOTE: If you're looking for a lost parking ticket, you'll follow the same directions below.

Continue reading to learn how to get details about your lost Minnesota traffic ticket.

Lost Traffic Ticket Twin Cities Metro Area

How you search for your lost traffic ticket information depends on where you received your moving violation (i.e., speeding ticket, red light ticket, etc.). You can search for your MN traffic ticket online.

You can find traffic tickets using any one of the following search options:

  • Your traffic citation number.
  • Date of citation.
  • Case number.

If you don't see your traffic citation, it means it probably has not been entered into the traffic court's database yet. Wait a few days before trying again.

You also have the option to search your Minnesota traffic ticket by phone. You can find tickets by calling (651) 281-3219 (Twin Cities Metro Area) or (800) 657-3611 (outside Metro area) and use any of the traffic ticket search options described above.

NOTE: The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) likely cannot provide you with pertinent details about your lost ticket. However, they may be able to direct you to the appropriate MN traffic court.

Lost Traffic Ticket: Issued Outside of the MN Metro Area

If you committed your traffic violation elsewhere across Minnesota, outside of the Twin Cities Metro area, you can search for your lost ticket online, but only if you have your traffic citation number.

Otherwise, dial (800) 657-3611 to find ticket information. A MN Court Payment Center agent will be able to retrieve your traffic citation using any of the following search options:

  • Name and date of birth.
  • MN driver's license number.
  • License plate number.

Decide How You'll Plead to Your Minnesota Ticket

Once you've recovered the information about your lost ticket, you'll need to submit one of two pleas to your traffic violation:

Be sure to notify the MN traffic court of your plea within your ticket's given timeframe, which depends on where you received the traffic citation. If you plan to fight your traffic ticket, you may want to get in contact with a local traffic ticket attorney to represent you in MN traffic court.

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