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  • Drivers with Disabilities in Minnesota

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    Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) stresses that the rights and rules for drivers with disabilities are not special privileges, but are necessary to give those with limited mobility the same access to public and private facilities as other drivers.

    Minnesota's disability parking, for example, is particularly important to provide a way around hazardous or difficult conditions that might be compounded in winter. Minnesota's disability parking spaces are aimed at providing enough space for those in wheelchairs to get into and out of vehicles safely and conveniently.

    More information on disability parking and other rules for drivers with disabilities may be found online from the Minnesota State Council on Disability.


    Minnesota's rules regarding drivers and riders with disabilities basically consist of two areas: disability license plates, and disability certificates. The qualifications for both fall under Minnesota's definition of a disabled individual:

    • A person who has a cardiac condition with functional limitations classified as Class III or Class IV according to American Heart Association standards.
    • A person who relies on portable oxygen.
    • A person with an arterial oxygen tension (PAO2) of less than 60 mm/Hg on regular, room-temperature air, while at rest.
    • A person restricted by a respiratory disease to the extent that forced expiratory volume is less than 1 liter per 1 second, when measured by spirometry.
    • A person who has lost an arm or leg and does not have or cannot use an artificial limb.
    • A person who cannot walk without the aid of another person, a walker, cane, crutches, braces, prosthetic device, or a wheelchair because of the disability.

    For the following eligibility conditions/circumstances, a physician should specify what the disability is:

    • A person who has a condition that could be significantly aggravated by walking 200 feet.
    • A person who cannot walk 200 feet without stopping for rest.
    • A person who cannot walk without a significant risk of falling down.
    • A person who has a specific medical condition that may impact mobility.

    Disability License Plates

    To qualify for Minnesota disability plates, a Minnesota motorist or rider must be a disabled person with a physical disability as described above, or a custodial guardian or parent of a minor with a permanent disability.


    It will cost you $6 for a set of double plates and $4.50 for single plates. You may also need to pay an additional $10 filing fee.

    Applying for Disability License Plates

    The Application for Special Plates (Form PS2010) is provided here in PDF format. (You will need the free Adobe Reader to download and read PDF files.)

    Upon submitting an application through a Minnesota motor vehicle office, you will receive a temporary permit for display until you get the plates.

    Minnesota Disability Parking Certificates

    As for disability parking certificates in Minnesota, these are issued to drivers and non-drivers, as well as to organizations that transport people with disabilities. Certificates may be transferred to any vehicle transporting a person with a disability―they belong to the person, not the vehicle. In addition, one disabled individual may qualify for two disability certificates if that person does not already have a disability license plate.

    Applying for Disability Parking Certificates

    To apply for a certificate, submit a completed Application for Disability Parking Certificate (Form PS2005) to a Minnesota DVS location, and you will receive a temporary permit to display while waiting for your placard.

    Types of Certificates, Fees, and Renewals

    Fees are as follows:

    • Temporary: $5
    • Short-term disabilities: $5
    • Organizations: $5
    • Long-term or permanent disability: No fee

    Each type of certificate is valid for a different period of time; when your certificate expires you may apply for a new one if you are still eligible.

    Required Signatures

    Disability parking applications in Minnesota must be signed by one of the following:

    • A licensed physician
    • A physician's assistant
    • An advanced practice registered nurse
    • A chiropractor

    Traveling With a Disability Placard or Plate

    Minnesota honors non expired disability placards and license plates from other states. Likewise, current Minnesota placards and plates should be acceptable in other states.

    However, if you are traveling to another state and are concerned whether your Minnesota disability plate or placard will be accepted there, it might be wise to check with that state's motor vehicle department, or simply look at our Drivers with Disabilities section for the state in question.

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