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  • Custom Built Car Registration in Minnesota

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    MN Custom Built Car Registration

    Custom-built, reconstructed, or specialty vehicles in Minnesota may be registered with the state's Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS), but are subject to inspection at various DVS locations.

    Before taking a vehicle in for inspection, you must apply for a Minnesota registration and title and must provide the vehicle identification number (VIN) on the application. If the VIN on a vehicle or parts has been removed, or looks as if it might have been altered or tampered with, a Minnesota title may not be issued, Minnesota DVS advises.

    When a custom car or reconstructed car registration application is reviewed by Minnesota DVS, additional documentation or information could be required. This includes the following:

    • Completed Declaration of Reconstruction, including details about vehicle alterations or reconstruction
    • Proof of ownership for major vehicle parts

    A vehicle might be subject to bonding if there is not minimum proof of ownership for the following components or parts:

    • Cab
    • Body
    • Vehicle, truck, or motorcycle frame

    If bonding is required, a statement and affidavit of protection must be included with the title application.

    For more information, Minnesota DVS may be contacted by phone at (651) 215-1328.