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There is no specific program you are required to complete for a CDL. You just have to pass the tests.

To learn how to drive a commercial vehicle, you may wish to enroll in driving school.


A commercial license holder in Minnesota who wishes to add endorsements or upgrade class, and needs practice, must first take all of the applicable knowledge tests required.

First-time commercial license applicants are issued a non-renewable, permit that is valid for 6 months. After the period of 6 months, new commercial drivers must retake knowledge tests for endorsements or upgrades. However, commercial drivers in Minnesota who have an unrestricted air brake CDL are not required to retake the air brake knowledge test after the permit expires.

After the required knowledge tests, commercial drivers in Minnesota may take the CDL skills tests, which consist of:

  • Pre-trip inspection, if seeking school bus or air brake endorsement
  • Basic control skills, required for all commercial drivers
  • Road test, required for all commercial drivers

When taking commercial driver skills tests in Minnesota, you must provide your vehicle's Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). If testing in a bus, you must show proof of number of passengers.

There are multiple classes of commercial licenses in Minnesota, and licenses are restricted based on the vehicle, truck, or van that is used during the test. For example, school bus endorsement requires testing in a school bus, air brake endorsement requires testing in a vehicle with air brakes.

Vehicles used in commercial driver testing in Minnesota must be equipped with passenger seats and doors. Driver and passenger seatbelts must work properly and vehicle interiors should be clean.

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