Bill of Sale Requirements in Minnesota

Bill of Sale Basics

Under certain circumstances, Minnesota requires a bill of sale for vehicles bought and sold there. Bills of sale may sometimes be required for vehicle registration and titling in Minnesota.

Beyond the requirements of the Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS ), a bill of sale is a good idea for both buyers and sellers to record and prove a transaction that has taken place.

Bill of Sale Requirements

Vehicle buyers and sellers who use a bill of sale form should be sure it includes the following information:

  • Printed names and addresses and signatures of buyer(s) and seller(s) (all owners must sign)
  • Date of purchase
  • Complete description of vehicle with make, model, and year
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)

A bill of sale with the above information, among other things, is required by Minnesota for registration or title changes on vehicles with no proof ownership.

A bill of sale is also a good document to use for tax, insurance, and donation purposes.

Generic Bill of Sale

To assist you in finding a form, we provide links to generic forms from our sponsors.

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