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  • Replacing a Lost Registration in Michigan

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    Things happen in life, and sometimes a registration card or a license plate will need to be replaced. So, we'll show you how to do so.

    Replacing a Registration Card

    Damaged or missing registration cards can be replaced by going to a Secretary of State (SOS) branch office. You'll need to have your license plate number with you.

    It's free to receive a duplicate card. But, if your plates have expired, you'll have to pay your renewal fees and receive a new registration.

    Replacing a License Plate

    To replace a damaged or stolen plate, head to a SOS branch office. Be sure to have your registration card or license plate number with you. You'll be issued a replacement plate, a new registration, and a new year tab for $5.

    However, the vehicle owner or a member of owner's family living at the same address must make the request. Or, the owner may complete an Appointment of Agent form, and allow a representative to receive the plates.

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