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    Why You Need ID

    Michigan offers its residents―both young and old―a photo identification card that is as valid for proving who you are as is a driver license. The state's Personal Identification Card (PID) is available to all Michigan residents who don't currently have a driver license.

    Without some form of photo ID, many merchants won't accept personal checks, and it will be difficult to cash checks made out to you at banks. In fact, many merchants are now requesting to see photo IDs before they'll accept credit cards.

    Beyond that, you need ID to board an airplane and often need it to check into a hotel, see certain movies, or have a glass of wine with dinner. Having a PID can also make it easier for the authorities to get in touch with your loved ones should anything happen to you.

    How To Apply

    You must appear in person at a Secretary of State branch office to request a Personal Identification Card. To apply, you'll need

    There's no minimum age for the card, and it costs just $10.

    NOTE: State ID cards are FREE if:

    • You're 65 years old or older.
    • You are legally blind.
    • You have had your license revoked, suspended, or denied for a physical or mental disability.
    • You prove other "good cause" for a fee waiver.

    Renewing Your ID Card

    The ID card is valid for 4 years, after which you must renew it. You can renew your ID card online, through the mail, or at a Secretary of State branch office. MI ID card renewal fees are $10.

    Some applicants exempt from the renewal fee. See the criteria in "How to Apply" above.

    Replacing Your ID Card

    To replace a lost, stolen, or damaged ID card, head to your local Secretary of State branch office. You may also be able to replace your ID online.

    Your ID will be renewed at the time of reissue, with an expiration date 4 years from your latest birthday. Make sure to bring acceptable documentation that proves your identity and residency.

    There is a $10 fee to replace your ID card.

    Enhanced Identification Cards

    In addition to the "standard" state ID card, Michigan also now offers "enhanced" ID card. An enhanced state-issued identification cards acts as a passport alternative for travel to and from Canada and other Western Hemisphere countries if traveling by land or sea.

    Only legal Michigan residents and U.S. citizens will be eligible for these new ID cards.

    Michigan provides a brochure that gives an overview of the new enhanced IDs.

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