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  • Driver Handbook in Michigan

    SUMMARY: Michigan Driver Handbooks

    In Michigan, the Secretary of State (SOS) has made various manuals and handbooks online to help you become a safe driver. Handbooks include the MI driver’s manual, commercial driver’s license manual, and handbook for motorcycle riders. The MI Vehicle Code is also available online if you want to read more about the state’s traffic and vehicle laws.

    Continue reading this page to find links to the various manuals and handbooks available in Michigan.

    Michigan Driver’s Handbook

    The MI Secretary of State (SOS) provides online access to their driving manual called “What Every Driver Must Know” to help you pass the written Michigan driver’s license exam. The manual is also available in Spanish and audio format.

    Subjects covered within the manual include:

    • The Michigan driver’s licensing process.
    • Traffic laws.
    • Road signage and markings.
    • Basic driving skills.
    • Sharing the road with other vehicles.
    • Registering your vehicle.
    • Obtaining a certificate of title.
    • Getting car insurance.
    Pass the written test on your first try!

    Studying the state's driver handbook is always a great idea. In addition, we suggest preparing for the written test with an online practice test from our approved partner. 

    Commercial Driver's Manual in MI

    If you need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in Michigan, you’ll need to study the MI Commercial Driver License Manual to prepare for your MI SOS exams. Subjects include:

    The Michigan CDL manual also contains a series of sample questions that may show up on your written knowledge test. You can also test your knowledge by taking an online CDL practice test.

    Motorcycle Operator Manual

    Before applying for a motorcycle license in Michigan, be sure to study the Michigan Motorcycle Manual (Form SOS-116). Subjects include:

    • Preparing to ride a motorcycle.
    • How to apply for a MI motorcycle license.
    • Knowledge and skills tests.
    • Wearing the right helmet.
    • Basic motorcycle control.
    • Riding on dangerous surfaces.
    • Making proper lane changes.
    • How to ride in a group safely.

    For additional help studying for the exam, take an online practice test for motorcycles.

    Vehicle Code in Michigan

    You can look through the MI Vehicle code for all statutes governing Michigan vehicles, traffic safety, and driver’s licenses.

    This information can help you better understand the laws behind a specific traffic violation, which may be useful if you wish to fight a traffic ticket. For information on how to respond to a traffic citation, visit our Traffic Tickets page.

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