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  • Drivers with Disabilities in Michigan

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    The Secretary of State issues disabled license plates and placards to Michigan residents in need of a little extra consideration because of a disability.

    Disabled license plates and placards allow vehicles to park in specifically marked parking spaces that provide easier access to public and private facilities. License plates are mounted on a vehicle permanently, while placards (either permanent or temporary) may be hung from the rearview mirror of any vehicle the disabled person is driving or riding in.

    Disability Plates

    You may qualify for a plate if you are blind or have any permanent condition that significantly limits your ability to walk. If you require a wheelchair, walker, crutch, or any other device to assist your walking, you may also qualify for disability plates.

    Plates must be applied for at a Secretary of State branch office.

    You can begin the process by mailing in the Application for a Disability License Plate (Form MV-110) found online. Your disability will need to be certified by a physician, chiropractor, or vision specialist.

    Disabled plates expire annually on the owner's birthday. Regular registration fees apply.

    Disability Placards

    There are two types of disabled placards. Both are intended for use by individuals who have impaired mobility. Applications for either must be signed by a medical professional.

    Blue placards are issued to individuals when there is little hope a qualifying condition will improve. They're valid for 4 years, expiring on the individual's birthday.

    Submit an Disability Parking Placard Application (Form BFS-108) at a Secretary of State branch office. There is no fee for a permanent placard.

    Red placards are temporary and valid for up to 6 months. You'll need to submit an Disability Parking Placard Application (Form BFS-108) at a Secretary of State branch office. There is no fee for a temporary placard, which may not be renewed. If the disability persists, you must submit a new application..

    Remember to keep your placard hung from your rearview window when you are parked in a disability designated spot and to remove it when driving.

    For more information about disability license plates and placards, parking privileges, free parking stickers, and penalties for abusing disabled plates and placards, read the Secretary of State's Disability Parking brochure.

    Traveling with a Disability Placard or Plate

    You might be relieved to know that all states (and even some foreign countries) honor Michigan's disability plates and placards―provided, of course, that the plates or placards are current. However, the Secretary of State advises travelers to check with authorities in states in which they'll be traveling to see whether there are any special disability parking ordinances.

    Michigan honors current disability plates and placards from other states.

    Don't Drive?

    Even if your disability makes it impossible for you to drive, you still need identification, right?

    On our Applying for an ID Card page, we thoroughly explains how to apply for a Michigan ID card as well as what to expect regarding the proposed upgraded standard and enhanced state-issued identification cards.

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