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  • Custom Built Car Registration in Michigan

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    There's something almost magical about building your own transportation, whether it uses some old rollerblade wheels, a worn-out lawnmower engine, and the body of a VW―or comes in a kit with everything included. It's been a shade-tree mechanic's rite of passage for decades.

    Assembled Vehicles

    In Michigan an assembled vehicle― requires special titling.

    Assembled vehicles fit into the following categories:

    • Homemade vehicles are those assembled―generally by individuals rather than manufacturers or shops―from new or used materials.
    • Kit cars often come complete with engine, frame, and body and simply need to be assembled―again, usually by an individual or group of private owners.
    • Vehicles that are significantly altered or modified from a manufacturer's original design, like a VW bug turned into a dune buggy.
    • Vehicles that have had the body replaced with that of a different vehicle.

    How Do I Title My New Wheels?

    To title your vehicle, have an inspection form completed by a police officer. Then bring all your ownership documents for the major pieces of your vehicle to a Secretary of State branch office. You'll need bills of sale, titles, and possibly a release form from a law enforcement agency for the engine, transmission, various body parts, and frame.

    You'll need to provide information that summarizes the project, like who built it, where it was built, when it was put together, and any other information that will help.

    All assembled vehicles require a state-assigned vehicle identification number (VIN); $10 fee.

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