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  • Name Change in Michigan

    Michigan Name Change Package - $29.95

    Miss Now Mrs's Name Change Packages automates the completion of the required forms to change your name in Michigan. Simply complete a quick questionnaire, print out the forms and file them. It couldn't be easier.

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    Name Change Package
    Includes Forms for:

    • Drivers License
    • Vehicle Title
    • Registration
    • IRS
    • Voter Registration
    • US Passport
    • Bank Notification
    • Credit Card Notification
    • Insurance Notification

    Driver License and ID Card

    To change your name on a driver's license or state ID card, head for a Secretary of State (SOS) branch office, equipped with your license or ID card and certified marriage certificate, divorce certificate, or court order signifying the name change.

    Michigan requires current Social Security information before issuing a license, so it's best to update those records beforehand. Visit Social Security Online for more guidance about affecting a name change on your Social Security card.

    Corrected licenses (with a new picture) are issued for $9.


    To change your name on your registration, take the legal name change document, current registration, and proper identification to a SOS branch office.


    Changing your name on a title means going to a SOS branch office with your wedding or divorce certificate or a court order. All owners listed on the title should be present, each with proper identification such as a driver license or state ID card to sign the title application.

    If that's not possible, complete a Appointment of Agent (Form TR-128). This allows the person named on the form to act as an agent and sign on behalf of the title holder.

    Corrected titles cost $15.

    Vehicle Heirs

    Spouses wishing to change the name on a title following the death of the vehicle owner should also visit a SOS branch office. Take the title, a certified copy of the death certificate, a completed Certification From the Heir to a Vehicle (Form TR-29), and the registration card (or license plate number).

    If there was a lienholder listed on the title, a termination letter will need to be produced.

    Titles listed in only the surviving spouse and deceased's name with a "Full Rights To Survivor" stamp may be easily transferred to the spouse by showing the copy of death certificate and the title.

    If probate is involved, the Probate Court representative will need to assign the title to the spouse, who will then need to produce the title and the Letter of Authority from the representative to complete the transaction.

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