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  • Change of Address in Michigan

    MI Change of Address

    Michigan law mandates that your driver license have an up-to-date address. The Secretary of State makes it easy to comply with the regulation, offering a free change-of-address service.

    You can bring your license or state-issued ID to any of the Secretary of State's branch offices.

    Alternatively, download the Michigan Change of Address/Voter Registration (Form ED-109W), fill it out, and mail it in. In both cases, the office will give you a sticker with the new address for the back of your existing driver license.

    If you don't change your address, your license might be suspended.

    Changing Your Name

    Perhaps mom and dad got a little carried away when they named you after that cartoon character they thought was funny when they were children. Maybe you simply like the idea of being referred to as "The Accountant Formerly Known as Bob." Or maybe you just got married, divorced, or need to change your name on your driver's license because you're in the Witness Protection Program.

    No problem. The Secretary of State requires that you apply for the change in person, present your license, and show proof of your legal name change. Acceptable proof includes a certified marriage license, divorce decree, or legal name change document. Then all that's needed is a new photo and a few dollars to the state ($9 for an operator's license), and it's a whole new you.

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