Bill of Sale Requirements in Michigan

Bill of Sale Basics

Michigan's Secretary of State doesn't require a bill of sale per se when buying or selling a vehicle. Instead, a seller assigns the vehicle's title to the buyer.

To assign a title, a seller needs to update the title with an accurate odometer reading from the vehicle, the selling date, and the selling price. Once that information is complete, the seller simply signs the title, collects the funds, and viola, the sale is complete.

Finalizing The Sale

Because of a state law enacted to reduce the number of abandoned cars, the Secretary of State suggests that sellers and buyers meet at a Secretary of State branch office to finalize the sale and transfer the title. If that's not possible, the seller should keep a photocopy of the reassigned title. If the vehicle is ever abandoned, the state could come back to the last prior owner, who would be liable for fines and penalties on the abandoned vehicle.

Generic Bill of Sale

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