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    It's happened to nearly everyone. You're driving along―maybe a little too fast or carefree―and all of a sudden you hear a siren behind you and see blue lights flashing in the mirror. You've been stopped by the police and are being issued a ticket for a traffic violation.

    In Maine, tickets can cost you up to $500 per infraction and have serious repercussions on your driving record and your wallet. But at least you can pay your fines online and get them over with quickly and efficiently.

    Traffic Violation Penalties

    If you get a traffic ticket in Maine, it's going to cost you anywhere between $25 and $500 for each infraction. Traffic citations are written by law enforcement authorities, but the ticket and fine system is administered by the Violations Bureau of the Maine District Court.

    Besides the fines, you can expect an automatic license suspension for certain serious violations and a subsequent insurance surcharge, as well as points on your license. So even a minor traffic ticket could end up costing plenty, especially if you don't take care of it right away.

    Paying Your Ticket

    When you receive your ticket, you will have the option of pleading guilty and directly paying the fine. You also have the right to contest a ticket and go to court.

    If you aren't contesting your ticket, you have 20 calendar days from the date you received it to pay your fine. If the fine is not paid in full after an additional 30 days, your license will be suspended without further notice.

    Check Your Driving Record

    Contesting a Ticket

    You have the right to contest any traffic violation issued by a Maine law enforcement officer. Contesting the ticket means that you wish to go before a district court judge and challenge the ticket.

    To ask for a hearing, you can ask for a court date on the citation itself and send it to the Violations Bureau of the Maine District Court at the address listed on the ticket or this address:

    • Violations Bureau
    • 85 Park St., P.O. Box 480
    • Lewiston, ME 04243

    You will be notified by mail within about three weeks of the scheduled date of the hearing. This is a real court date before a judge and district attorney. You (and/or your attorney, if you have one) must appear on the date scheduled or risk being found in default―which could result in you being arrested, sent to jail, and fined.

    In court, the police officer or a designated police representative will present his or her case against you. You or your attorney can then argue your case before the judge.

    The judge will rule on your case, usually that day. If found guilty, you will face at least the initial fine and perhaps additional fines and court costs. If you are found innocent, you can walk away at no cost.

    Demerit Points

    Every time you are convicted of certain motor vehicle violations, you are assigned demerit points by the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Collect 6 points and you are automatically issued a warning. Accumulate 12 points or more and your driver's license is automatically suspended.

    Maine Driving Dynamics

    Maine Driving Dynamics is a driver-improvement course offered by the Bureau of Highway Safety. It runs about 5 hours and costs $10 for those 65 years old and older and $40 for those under 65 years old.

    The classroom course is designed to help drivers increase their knowledge of driving hazards, as well as the dangers of combining alcohol or drugs with driving.

    If you pass the course, you can get 3 points deducted from your driving record. If you take the course with no points on your record, you get a credit of 3 points.