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  • Title Transfers in Maine

    What is a Title Transfer?

    Your title serves as legal evidence of ownership. If and when you decide to sell or donate the vehicle, you'll the need the title to lawfully close the deal.

    Some typical title transfer scenarios include:

    • Paying off a loan
    • Inheriting a vehicle
    • Adding or deleting a name
    • Buying or selling a vehicle
    • Receiving a vehicle as a gift

    Selling a Vehicle

    Having a vehicle history report will assist the selling process, by quelling any buyer doubts and guiding you on a fair asking price. Learn more at our page detailing vehicle history reports.

    When you're ready to hand over your vehicle, you may need to:

    1. Sign-off the title as seller.
    2. Create a Bill of Sale.
    3. Remove the plates. If you're not going to transfer them to another vehicle you must surrender the plates to any Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) office.

    Buying a Vehicle

    After buying you may need to:

    1. Have the signed-over title.
    2. Have a Bill of Sale.
    3. Have proof of insurance.
    4. Bring all documents to your town office and complete a title application.
    5. Pay all applicable fees.

    Registration will take place during titling.

    New Cars

    Your dealer will submit title documents.

    Used Cars

    To protect yourself from a lemon, study a vehicle history report before signing any documents.

    Donating a Vehicle

    Car donations involve little more than one phone call, making for a welcomed alternative to selling. And, as an added bonus, you get to feel good about donating your vehicle to a cause or charity that appeals to your sensibilities.

    Making Name Corrections

    Changing a Name

    To change your name on your title, you may need to:

    1. Visit your town office or a BMV location and complete a title application.
    2. Have your original title and a document supporting your name change (court paper, divorce decree, marriage certificate).
    3. Cost: $33.

    If you can't locate a needed document, such as a birth certificate or divorce decree, to support a name change, you can learn how to order a duplicate at our Vital Record page.

    Deleting a Name

    You may need to take the following steps:

    1. The person whose name is being deleted must sign-over the title.
    2. The person keeping the title must visit any town office or BMV location with the title and complete a title application.
    3. Cost: $33.

    Adding a Name

    You may need to take the following steps:

    1. The person being added must sign the title.
    2. Bring the title to any town office or BMV location.
    3. Complete a title application and pay $33 title fee.

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