Replacing a Lost CDL in Maine

Report It Missing

If you've lost your Maine Commercial Driver's License (CDL) or think it was stolen, you need to report it your nearest Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) office.

In-Person Appearance Required

Maine's online service for replacing noncommercial driver's licenses is not available for commercial licenses. According to Maine BMV personnel, anyone wishing to replace a lost or stolen CDL must actually go to one of the Maine BMV offices to report the loss and apply for a replacement. This is because any replacement or renewal of a Maine CDL requires a records check through a nationwide database, which must be done in person at the Maine BMV office.

Remember to bring two ID documents to prove yourself. One must list your date of birth, such as a Social Security card or birth certificate; another must bear your signature,such as a certified school transcript, passport, or military ID card (which may also list your birthdate).

Temporary Replacement License

The good part is that you're not required to retake any exams, including the eye exam, unless your license is also up for renewal. At the Maine BMV office, you'll fill out an application for a replacement license and pay $5. The BMV will issue you a temporary replacement and mail the actual replacement with a photo, once it is processed, in two to three weeks.

Police Report

Maine does not require that a lost or stolen CDL be reported to police before issuing a replacement. However, it's never a bad idea to report the loss of an important document like a CDL to police―it could help prevent identity theft. You should also report it to credit agencies, in case someone tries to use it to take out credit in your name.

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