Fight Traffic Ticket in Maine

SUMMARY: How to Fight a Maine Traffic Ticket

If you choose to plead "not guilty" to your ME traffic ticket, you'll generally need to submit a request for a court hearing by mail.

For specific instructions, check your traffic ticket or contact the Maine Violations Bureau directly.

Fighting Your ME Traffic Ticket

In Maine, you have several plea options:

  • Guilty.
  • Not guilty.
  • No contest (nolo contendre).

Regardless of how you plead, you must notify Maine's Violations Bureau within 20 days of receiving the citation. If you have misplaced your ticket, learn what steps to take in our Lost Traffic Ticket page.

Pay Ticket
(Plead Guilty or No Contest)

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paying your traffic ticket »

Fight Ticket
(Plead Not Guilty)

  • Contest traffic ticket before judge.
  • Possibly hire a traffic ticket attorney for legal guidance.
  • Possibly lose option to plea bargain for lesser penalties.
  • No penalties if found not guilty, but must pay court/attorney fees.
  • Pay fine, court and attorney fees if found guilty.

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What It Means to Fight Your ME Traffic Ticket

Challenging your Maine traffic ticket means:

  • Possibly reaching a plea agreement before your hearing. Otherwise, you will probably lose any plea bargain options when you appear before the judge.
  • Look into hiring a traffic ticket attorney to help you navigate the Maine traffic court system.
  • Judge finds you "not guilty." You still must pay court and, if applicable, legal fees.
  • Judge finds you "guilty." You must pay the ME ticket fine, court and, if applicable, legal fees, plus incur resulting penalties.

Avoid a Suspended Driver's License in Maine

Failing to respond to your ME citation it will result in a driver's license suspension. In addition, upon reinstatement, you will also be levied with a late fee and be required to pay a reinstatement fee.

Pleading Guilty or No Contest

In Maine, pleading "guilty" or "no contest" (nolo contendere) means you are waiving your right to a trial by judge. Submitting your payment to Maine's Violations Bureau constitutes a "guilty" plea.

For more information about your Maine traffic ticket payment options, visit our Paying Your Traffic Ticket page.

Notify the Maine Violations Bureau

The Maine Violations Bureau handles all traffic ticket pleas and payments. Follow the directions on the back of your citation on how to submit your "not guilty" plea. If you've misplaced your ME traffic ticket, call the Violations Bureau at (207) 783-5422.

Before submitting a ME traffic citation with your "not guilty" plea, be sure to include your current mailing address. Your violation hearing will take place in the presiding district court.

Hire a Maine Traffic Ticket Attorney

Consulting with a traffic ticket lawyer could help increase your chances for a favorable outcome. With the assistance of a traffic attorney, you may get the ME traffic ticket charges reduced or even dismissed. This alone could prevent the following:

Prepare Your Case

In Maine, the Violations Bureau will mail you your hearing information, which will include the date, time, and location. Before your hearing date, you will need to prepare your defense. A traffic ticket lawyer can provide expert counsel on how to proceed. If you choose to represent yourself, you'll need to gather evidence, review your ME driving record, and contact—and perhaps even subpoena—witnesses.

Plead Your Case Before a Judge

Prior to your hearing before a judge, you will most likely have the chance to speak with the district attorney about your case. If you cannot reach a plea bargain agreement, you will proceed to the courtroom for your hearing.

  • The State of Maine will present its case first, which more than likely will include testimony from the citing officer.
  • After the State finishes, you will then present your case by presenting witnesses and, if you so choose, testifying yourself.
  • Once you finish, the judge will issue a verdict.
    • If you disagree with the decision, you can issue an appeal.

Check Your Maine Driving Record

Regardless of the court's verdict, be sure to follow up by checking your ME driving record for accuracy, paying close attention to demerit points.

An accumulation of demerit points could result in your Maine driver's license being suspended or even revoked, and cause a jump in your auto insurance rates.

Shop for Better Auto Insurance Rates

Insurance companies are notified of all moving traffic violations in Maine. Depending on the severity of the infraction and your insurance company's policies, you may see an increase in your car insurance rates once you receive points on your ME driving record. Should this occur, you always have the option to shop online for and compare car insurance rates to ensure you're getting the best deal.

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