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  • Replacing a Lost Title in Maryland

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    How to Apply Online

    The easiest way to replace a lost title is through MVA's online service. You can always go to your local MVA office if you prefer not to use the Internet, but as always, be prepared for the wait.

    You'll need the following materials to apply online:

    • Vehicle title number.
    • License plate number, if applicable.
    • The $20.00 replacement fee. You can us Visa, MasterCard, or check (MVA doesn't accept money orders or travelers checks for online payment).

    Keep in mind that your replacement title will display lienholder information as well as void all titles previously associated with your vehicle.

    Changed Your Address Recently?

    Most of the time, MVA mails the title to you within 10 business days. If you have recently moved and MVA doesn't have your current address on file, you'll want to change your address before applying for a replacement title.

    If you've already completed online transactions with MVA online before, you can use your PIN to request that MVA send your replacement title to a different address. A PIN is the "personal identification number" that MVA associates with your online identity.

    If you've forgotten your PIN, MVA can send it to you (within 10 business days) if you fill out a pin request.

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