Lemon Law Attorneys in Maryland

SUMMARY: Lemon Law Attorneys in Maryland

If you're dealing with a lemon, hiring a lemon law attorney can be helpful. A good lawyer can represent you in court and make sure you receive the compensation owed to you.

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Choosing a MD Lemon Law Attorney

Once you decide that you want a lemon law attorney to represent you, your next step is choosing one from a long list of lawyers practicing in Maryland.

The tips below can help you narrow your list and choose the lawyer who's right for your case:

  • Look for experience. An attorney who is familiar with Maryland's lemon law is probably a better fit than a criminal lawyer or divorce attorney.
  • Get recommendations. Ask friends, family, colleagues, or others if they know a lemon law attorney they can recommend.
  • Schedule a consultation. Meet several lemon law lawyers to learn about their background, experience, and fees before you hire one.
  • Ask about fees. Ask the attorneys you meet with how much they charge and when they expect payment.

Choosing a lemon law attorney that you're confident in can give you peace of mind that your case is being handled effectively.

Benefits of Lemon Laws Attorneys

A lemon law attorney is usually one who has experience representing clients with vehicles that are considered lemons under Maryland state law.

These lawyers tend to have special knowledge in lemon laws, consumer protection laws, or other relevant fields.

While the guidelines for determining a lemon may be clear, the process for getting a refund or replacement vehicle can be complex, with several steps, paperwork, and deadlines for making a claim.

Instead of taking the risk of missing a deadline or filing the wrong form, many people choose to hire a lemon law attorney to handle the process.

Maryland Lemon Law

For a vehicle to be considered a lemon under the Maryland lemon law, it must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • It was purchased new.
  • It is still under warranty.
  • It has a defect that prevents its safety, operation, or value.
  • The manufacturer has, within the first 2 years or 18,000 miles:
    • Made 4 attempts to repair the problem.
    • Made 1 attempt to repair it if the defect affects the brakes or steering.
    • Had the vehicle out of service for repairs for at least 30 days.

If your vehicle is a lemon, you have several responsibilities and options, including contacting the manufacturer and making a claim.

A lemon law attorney can help you determine the best course of action and can be especially helpful if you need to take the manufacturer to court.

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