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  • Driver Handbook in Maryland

    Driver's License Handbook

    Just like any type of test, the written driver license exam is not the kind that most people can just walk in the door and pass without a bit of study time. This is especially relevant if you are a behind-the-wheel newbie that has always thought the lines in the road were some form of decorative asphalt art.

    Luckily, Maryland provides an excellent handbook that contains all the material you will find on the test. The entire multiple-choice exam is actually culled directly from the guide's pages.

    But the handbook is much more than simply a means to find the answers to achieve a passing grade and move on to the next testing phase. It is a resource guide that covers topics that will be crucial to know backwards and forwards for the duration of your driving life, including proper driving techniques and all the rules of the road.

    The handbook is accessible at no charge at MVA offices throughout the state. It is also available online in two languages and in audio files.

    Conveniently, Maryland also provides an online video covering the Maryland driver's test.

    Commercial Driver Handbook

    This textbook-size booklet explains the intricacies involved and all the information necessary to learn in order to earn a commercial driver license (CDL). Considering this license enables you to make your living operating complicated (and massive) trucks on the open road, you can bet the testing process is rigorous.

    Thus, you will most likely spend hours and hours pursuing and putting your rote skills to work on this handbook. Many of the laws regarding the CDL have recently been modified, especially those involving the transport of hazardous materials. So it is best to rely heavily on this book as a study aid. This insures you have the most up-to-date and accurate facts.

    You can pick up a copy at any MVA office at no charge or find it online.

    The School Bus Endorsement Study Guide is also available to download online.

    Note: All of the handbooks are in PDF format. If you need Adobe Reader to view the material you can download the latest version of the software for free.

    Motorcycle Manual

    Maryland also offers the Motorcycle Operator Manual in pdf format online. This is a must-have for anyone looking to get their Maryland motorcycle license.

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