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  • Custom Built Car Registration in Maryland

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    Custom Built Car Registration in Maryland

    Maryland is a great state to step into the garage and tackle custom projects. Unlike many states, these vehicles, whether a kit car, "two-stagers," or homemade trailers, are relatively easy to title and register in Maryland. Thus, you can get out on the road to show off your handiwork, and have the comfort of knowing the vehicle is homemade and street legal.

    The process for registering and tilting your custom-built car is not impossible or laborious. Although, you will have to take several steps to make it happen.

    This page outlines the process from start to finish. Continue reading for all the information you need to get your car on the roads legally.

    Before you even get to this point, you must take the vehicle to be inspected (separate from the safety inspection for registration). Call ahead for an appointment.

    The following is a list of the main custom or homemade vehicles that you will need to title and register in the state of Maryland.

    Kit Car

    Definition: A kit car looks like an old hot rod or a vehicle from the glamour days of the past on the outside but has an assortment of salvage parts making up the inside.

    When you go to register your kit car with the Maryland MVA, you'll need to bring the following:

    • A document that shows that you own the vehicle frame.
      • This could be a plethora of forms, depending on whether the frame was purchased new from the manufacturer, or used, or was discovered lying unscathed in a junkyard. Thus, you could provide an invoice or manufacturer certificate of origin, or a salvage certificate.
    • A completed Application for Certificate of Title (Form VR-005).
    • Sales receipts for every part used in the building of the vehicle. 
    • A safety inspection certificate.
      • This is separate from the salvage inspection certificate that you had completed before you started the process. This certificate is required to register the vehicle.
    • If the vehicle has not been assigned (if necessary) a vehicle identification number (VIN), then you will need to fill out an Application for Assigned Vehicle Identification Number (Form VR-198). This form is at the MVA office and the number will be issued by a member of the state police.

    For more information and answers to your specific questions, you can reach out to the MVA customer service department at (410) 768-7000.

    Homemade Trailer

    If you have a trailer that was not built by a licensed manufacturer carries up to 5,000 lbs., you'll need to visit your local MD MVA office to apply for a title.

    The MVA will ask for all of the following items:

    Click the appropriate links below for additional information.

    Other Vehicles Titled and Registered the Same Way

    Upon paying the necessary fees, you will receive your Maryland registration card, plates, and tags.

    Your MD vehicle title will be processed and sent out via mail when it is ready.

    You can find general titling and registration information at our pages about Car Registration and Title Transfers.