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  • Paperwork When Selling a Car in Maryland

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    Selling a Vehicle

    Needed documents:

    • An assigned title with an odometer reading, purchase price (if there's room), the buyers name and address and your name and address.
    • A notarized bill of sale ONLY if there's no room on the title to include the price and/or if the vehicle is 7 years old and newer and is being sold for less than the book value.
    • If there was a lien on the vehicle, you must provide the buyer with the Original Security of Interest Filing. It you don't have this document, you must contact your financial institution and request a letter verifying it holds no security interest. This letter should also include the date of the loan's creation, the amount, the date of its release, your name and address and the vehicle's make, year and identification number

    Before surrendering your vehicle, be sure to remove the license plates.

    Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability

    Unless you plan on transferring the sold vehicle's license plates to another vehicle, you must return them to your local Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) office. Be sure to file the receipt in a safe place. To avoid potential legal hassles, you'll want to do this BEFORE canceling the sold vehicle's insurance.

    Bill of Sale

    A bill of sale is required for certain situations (see above in Selling a Vehicle). You can, if needed, download this form from our Bill of Sale page.

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