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  • Voter Registration in Massachusetts

    Voter Registration in Massachusetts

    There are several ways you can register to vote in Massachusetts or update your MA voter registration.

    The state offers voter registration by mail and in person at Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle (RMV) offices and other locations.

    Residents of MA living overseas can register to vote through the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA).

    Read below for more information about MA voter registration.

    Voter Eligibility in Massachusetts

    You are eligible to register to vote in MA if you are:

    • A citizen of the U.S.
    • A resident of Massachusetts.
    • At least 18 years old (or will be 18 years old by Election Day).

    Register to Vote in Massachusetts

    Once eligible, you can register to vote:

    • In person.
    • By mail.

    In Person

    You can register to vote in person at:

    • A local MA election office (see below).
    • Any voter registration event in Massachusetts.
    • A MA RMV office when you apply for you your MA driver’s license.
      • If registering at an RMV office, keep your receipt until you get confirmation from your local election official. If you do not receive your confirmation, contact your local election office to make sure you’re registered.

    When registering to vote in person, you’ll fill out an affidavit of registration. You must answer all questions truthfully.

    Massachusetts Election Office

    City and town election offices provide several services. You can:

    • Get a voter registration form.
    • Register to vote.
    • Send them your mail-in registration form.
    • Inquire about your voter registration status.

    Offices are located throughout Massachusetts.

    By Mail

    To register to vote by mail:

    * In addition to downloading the mail-in registration form, you can also:

    • Request a copy be mailed to you by calling 617-727-2828 or 1-800-462-VOTE.
    • Obtain one from any high school, vocational school, college, or university.

    Expect to get your confirmation notice within 3 weeks. If you haven’t received it by then, reach out to your local election office to confirm your voting status.

    Proof of Identification

    If you are registering to vote for the first time in MA, you must attach a proof of ID to your voter registration form. (Copies are accepted, and items may not be returned.)

    If you registered by mail on or after January 1, 2003, you can either:

    Your proof of identification must show:

    • Your name.
    • The address you used on your voter registration form.

    Acceptable identification includes:

    • A valid driver’s license or photo ID.
    • A current utility bill or bank statement.
    • A paycheck or government check.

    NOTE: If you neglect to provide proof of ID when required, you can only submit a provisional ballot. It will be counted later AFTER your eligible voter status has been confirmed.

    MA Voter Registration Deadlines

    In order to vote and/or attend special town meetings, you must complete your Massachusetts voter registration before a primary, election, or meeting.

    The registration deadlines depend on the election type:

    • 20 days before an upcoming primary or election.
    • 10 days before a special town meeting.

    Out-of-State and Military Voter Registration

    If you are a Massachusetts resident but you are overseas or attending school in another state, you can still register to vote in MA.

    Military and Overseas Residents

    You can register to vote using The Federal Postcard Application (FPCA) if you are:

    • A military member OR military dependent.
    • A U.S. citizen who is overseas.

    The FPCA can be submitted:

    • Online.
    • By mail.
    • By e-mail.
    • By fax.


    You can complete the FPCA online on the Federal Voting Assistance Program website.

    By Mail, E-mail, or Fax

    To send your FPCA by mail, e-mail, or fax:

    • Print the FPCA.
    • Send the completed application to the election office in your permanent home city or town.

    College Students

    If you’re a college student attending school in another state, you can either:

    • Register to vote in your home state.
    • Register in the state where you attend school.

    You should register from the address you consider your residence. For example, if Massachusetts is your permanent residence, register in MA.

    If you registered in your home state, you can request that the state mail you an absentee ballot. Visit the MA RMV website for more information on requesting an absentee ballot.

    NOTE: You cannot register to vote in multiple states.

    Changing Your MA Voter Registration

    You can easily make changes to your voter registration, including changing your:

    • Address.
    • Name.
    • Political party affiliation.

    Change Your Address

    When you move within the state of Massachusetts, you must notify your local election office:

    • In writing, if you move within a town or city.
    • By completing a new registration application, if you move to a new town or city.

    Please see “Register to Vote in Massachusetts” above for more information about registering to vote.

    Change Your Name or Other Details

    You have to complete a new voter registration application to change your:

    • Name.
    • Party affiliation.
    • Other information.

    Please read the “Register to Vote in Massachusetts” section above to learn more about registering to vote.

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