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    Registration Process

    When you apply for a permit or driver's license from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), the application will ask if you want to be an organ or tissue donor. This means that when you die, you agree to allow your body to be harvested for useable organs and tissues that could be donated to help another living human.

    If you check the box "yes," you need to fill out an organ donor card to be registered as an official organ donor. A card will be sent to you with your photo license, which will arrive in the mail. You can also pick one up at any RMV office.

    As soon as you get the card, you need to sign it in front of two witnesses. It's a good idea to have family members as witnesses, if possible. This is because next of kin will be asked to OK the organ/tissue donation even if the person in question has a signed donor card.

    Once you have signed and mailed the donor card, it will be processed by the RMV. If you do it simultaneously with applying for a new license, your license will be marked with a red heart. Otherwise, the heart icon will be added the next time you renew or replace your license.

    Additional Information

    Learn more about organ donation by visiting the official website of the New England Organ Bank.

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