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  • Driving Records in Massachusetts

    Driving Records for Employment

    Businesses can order Massachusetts driving records as part of their employment screening practices from These driving records provide a history of violations, suspensions, and other details about a person's driving history.

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    Although you can order a driving record directly from the Massachusetts RMV, one of the fastest ways to get your Driving Record for Employment Purposes is to order it online through a 3rd-party advertiser, such as They also offer other services such as criminal records, SSN verifications, and other employment screening services.

    Driving Records in Massachusetts

    Whether you're a driver, employer, insurance company, or law enforcement agency, you can order a Massachusetts driving record through the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) Merit Rating Board (MRB).

    Your driving record contains information on your past traffic violations, at-fault accidents, and out-of-state driving history, and can be used:

    • To adjust your car insurance policy.
    • In legal proceedings.
    • To verify your personal information for background checks and prevent identity theft.

    Types of Driving Records in Massachusetts

    Your Massachusetts driving record contains your:

    • Personal information, including your:
      • Full name.
      • MA driver's license number.
      • Date of birth.
    • Past traffic violations.
    • At-fault traffic accidents.
    • Out-of-state driving history (if applicable).

    The Massachusetts RMV offers 2 types of driving records:

    • Unattested driving records, which are non-certified.
    • True and attested driving records, which are certified by the MA RMV and can be used in court.

    You can order your own MA driving record:

    • Online.
    • By mail.
    • By phone.
    • In person.

    You can order someone else's MA driving record:

    • By mail.
    • In person.
    • Online.

    NOTE: Certified, true and attested driving records that are ordered online, by mail, or by phone take 10 business days to process.

    Remove Points from Your Driving Record

    The MA Merit Rating Board adds points to your driving record when you violate traffic laws and cause accidents. These points can increase your car insurance rates and lead to a suspended or revoked Massachusetts driver's license.

    • If you get 3 tickets for speeding in 12 months, your MA driver's license will be suspended for 30 days.
    • If you have 3 events (combination of moving violations and/or surchargable violations) in 24 months, your MA drivers license will be suspended. This will be waived if you complete a Driver Retraining Course within 90 days of receiving notification of the suspension.
    • If you have 7 events (combination of moving violations and/or surchargable violations) in 3 years, your license will be suspended for 60 days.

    You must pay a $100 fee to reinstate your suspended MA driver's license. For more information, see our Suspended License in Massachusetts page.

    The Massachusetts RMV will remove points from your driving record if:

    • You've had 3 surchargable events or less within the last 5 years since your insurance policy start date: 1 point
    • Your last surchargeable incidents happened at least 3 years before your car insurance policy started: 1 point
    • You have 3 years driving experience or more: 1 point

    For more information about the points system in MA, please see our pages on the following topics:

    Order Your Massachusetts Driving Record

    You can order certified or non-certified copies of your own driving record from the MA RMV either:

    • Online.
    • By mail.
    • By phone.
    • In person.

    Order Online

    To request a driving record online, visit the MA RMV driving record request website and provide:

    • Your MA driver's license number.
    • Your first and last name.
    • Your date of birth.
    • Your Social Security number (SSN).
    • Payment. (See the

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