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  • Custom Built Car Registration in Massachusetts

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    Current Procedures

    Registering a custom-built car in Massachusetts isn't easy. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is going to want to inspect the vehicle before it will issue a title. And to pass the inspection, you need to be able to document every part used in building the vehicle, to make sure that no stolen parts are used. Remember this if you buy used parts, especially over the Internet. No receipts, no title or registration. It's that simple.

    The process works like this:

    • When your vehicle is ready for inspection, you should call the RMV telephone center to schedule an appointment.
    • Make sure all of your receipts are available for the inspector.
    • If you pass the inspection, the inspector can issue your vehicle a VIN number, which will allow you to apply to the RMV for a title.
    • You can then go through the regular titling, registration and inspection process.

    There are tons of potential traps here. If you're building a custom street rod or motorcycle, you should be doing research in advance to make sure your vehicle will pass the inspection process and that you don't run into any unforeseen difficulties at inspection time.

    If you aren't part of a local custom car or vehicle club, consider joining one to help expand your knowledge base before you talk to the RMV.

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