Commercial Driver Education in Massachusetts

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No Specific Requirements

Massachusetts has no specific education requirements to obtain a CDL. If you meet the age and physical requirements and can pass the written and road tests, you can get the basic CDL without any specific educational requirements.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't invest in some education, especially before attempting the written and road exams. And there are some specific educational requirements for obtaining and keeping CDL endorsements.

Education is Needed, if not Required

If you want a CDL, you're going to have to pass some tough federal and state requirements. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) requires you to take and pass an exam.

And that's just to get the learner's permit. Obtaining a Class A or Class B CDL requires you to pass a road test that will encompass a vehicle inspection and driving in a closed course and on the road.

Massachusetts CDL Manual

The easiest and least expensive way to study for the CDL written exam is to use the Massachusetts CDL Manual. This manual, which is also available in printed form from any RMV office, details everything you need to know about the application process, studying for the written exam and preparing for the road test.

Truck Driving Schools

Many CDL applicants take classes at private truck driving schools. These classes offer both classroom and hands-on instruction and are designed to help you pass the written and road exams. The schools even provide trucks and licensed instructors to help you pass the exam.

Education Requirements for School Bus Endorsements

To become a licensed school bus driver in Massachusetts, you need pre-service training from the company you will work for.

Before you receive your permit, you should also study the Massachusetts CDL Manual, as well as the Massachusetts School Bus Manual.

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