Bill of Sale Requirements in Massachusetts


When attempting to register and title a vehicle in Massachusetts, you need to have a bill of sale showing where and when you purchased the vehicle, whom you purchased it from, and how much you paid for the vehicle.

This is usually no big deal when purchasing a new vehicle―the dealer understands exactly how to write up a sale for RMV approval and will have state-approved bills of sale available. This can be more of an issue when selling or buying a vehicle privately. You need to make sure your bill of sale meets RMV standards.

For a bill of sale to be legal in Massachusetts, it needs to include the following elements:

  • Name, signature and address of the buyer
  • Name, signature and address of the seller
  • Date of purchase
  • Purchase price
  • Vehicle identification information (VIN, make, model, and year)

Provide Truthful Information

If you get caught lying on a bill of sale to try to pay a lower sales tax, you can face penalties including loss of license or registration.

Generic Bill of Sale

To assist you in finding a form, we provide links to generic forms from our sponsors.

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