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    If you've ever purchased a new vehicle only to make repair after repair, you know the aggravation of purchasing a lemon. Lemons are motor vehicles that fail to conform with the warranty because the same problem is "repaired" several times without success.

    Our Guide to Lemon Law Attorneys

    Luckily, all states have some sort of Lemon Law designed to protect you against both purchasing a lemon and being stuck with it.

    Motor vehicle dealers are required to inform you of your rights under the Lemon Law in your state. They also need to disclose whether the vehicle you intend to purchase has ever been returned under the Lemon Law (however, this doesn't mean the unscrupulous will).

    If you purchase a new vehicle that needs the same repairs time and time again, you may have a lemon. Based on the Lemon Law in your state, dealers and manufacturers will have to take certain initial steps in order to try to repair the problem, refund your money, or replace the vehicle.

    However, if a resolution isn't reached using the mediation procedures set forth by your state, you may choose to seek legal aid from an attorney specializing in your state's Lemon Law. Attorneys who are experienced with Lemon Law cases are familiar with the exact laws of your state, the usual tactics of automakers, and the proper process for furthering a Lemon Law claim.

    Use attorney section for your state to get started resolving your Lemon Law case.