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  • Title Transfers in Louisiana

    What is a Title Transfer?

    Your vehicle's title, or pink slip, is the document that proves you're the legal owner of your vehicle. You need to perform a title transfer when you:

    • Buy or sell a vehicle
    • Give a vehicle as a gift
    • Donate a vehicle
    • Inherit a vehicle

    Recipients must report the transfer within five days.

    Selling a Vehicle

    Selling a vehicle is a great option if you already own your car. Look up its Blue Book price and decide what you’ll take for it.

    But the market for cars is crowded. To make yourself stand out to the buyer, why not provide a Vehicle History Report? This tells the buyer that the car has a clean title, and may be what the buyer needs to select your car over others.

    To sell a vehicle:

    1. Fill and sign the back of the title, including the odometer reading. If there are joint owners, both must sign.
    2. If the car is 10 years old or newer, you’ll have to fill out an Odometer Disclosure Statement.
    3. Complete a Bill of Sale.
    4. Fill out a Notice of Transfer or report the transaction online.
    5. Take the plates off and destroy them. Truck or trailer plates can be transferred.

    If you would rather not destroy your plates, you can send them to this address:

    • Office of Motor Vehicles
    • P. O. Box 64886
    • Baton Rouge, LA 70896

    This is also where to send your Notice of Transfer, if you decide to fill out the paper form.

    Buying a Vehicle

    New Cars

    When you buy a new car from the dealer, the dealer will do the title application for you. Fees will be included in your sales price.

    When shopping for a new car, be sure to compare several makes and models, as well as performance ratings, to get the most out of it.

    Used Cars

    A car is a huge purchase, and you need to plan for all its aspects. When you’re considering what kind of car you want, the first thing to do it look at your overall budget picture. Most people need the help of a car loan to buy a car.

    You’ll also need to consider how much your insurance premiums will be. Shop for the best rates at our Insurance Center.

    A lot of people overlook getting a Vehicle History Report, but it’s a simple way to find out the history of the cars you’re interested in. For a fee, you just input the car’s VIN and find out whether it’s salvaged, flood, or has been in a huge accident.

    And remember: never buy a car unless the owner can provide you with the title on the spot.

    To buy a car:

    1. Have the previous owner to sign the title to you, and have the title notarized.
    2. Write the odometer reading on the back of the title. If the car’s less than 10 years old, you’ll need to fill out an Odometer Disclosure Statement.
    3. Fill out a notarized Bill of Sale, if the sell price isn't listed on the title.
    4. Take these documents to an OMV location. There’s an $18.50 transfer fee, plus a handling fee. There are also sales tax and other fees, which vary according to your location.
    5. Fill out the Application for a Title.

    You’ll also need to show proof of liability and insurance. At the same time, you need to register your car if you plan on driving it.

    If you’re just doing a title transfer and don’t want to go into an office, you may also send all your documentation and fees to:

    • Office of Motor Vehicles
    • P. O. Box 64886
    • Baton Rouge, LA 70896

    All fees can be paid with personal checks that include your driver's license number, money orders, or certified checks. Cash payments are acceptable if you're applying in person.

    Removing a Lien

    After you pay off your loan, you’ll want to clear your title of the lienholder’s name.

    1. Complete the Vehicle Application.
    2. The lienholder will either send you the title with the lien release on it, or a letter of lien satisfaction that is printed on company letterhead and shows the name and all contact information of the lienholder.
    3. Get out the vehicle's registration certificate or a legible photocopy.
    4. Take these documents to an OMV location.
    5. Pay the $26.50 fee, plus the handling fee.

    Gifting a Vehicle

    1. Get the title and the Act of Donation notarized.
    2. If the vehicle is 10 years old or newer, complete a Odometer Statement.
    3. There is no sales tax on gifts, but you still have to pay the $18.50 title fee, handling fee, and license plate fees.
    4. Go to a OMV location and fill out an Application for Title.

    When you go in to an office, you also need to register the car in your name.

    Donating a Vehicle

    If you’ve got a car you don’t want and need a tax write-off, consider donating it to charity.

    Inheriting a Vehicle

    Inheriting a vehicle can be a complicated procedure. Trips to court or various offices may be involved if there was no will. All the heirs must decide who the car goes to. Consulting a probate attorney may save you some time and money.

    1. If you went through the courts for the vehicle, get a certified copy of final judgment of possession.
    2. If you went through the Department of Revenue, you’ll have an “Affidavit of Small Succession” and the list of property to submit.
    3. if you didn’t inherit it through either method, you’ll need to fill out an Affidavit of Heirship, and you’ll also need a copy of the death certificate and of the will (if there was one).
    4. Fill out an Application for Title.
    5. For titles issued January 1, 1990, or later: Get the title notarized.
    6. Get the current registration certificate, if the vehicle is registered.
    7. Get a Bill of Sale or an Act of Donation signed by all the heirs.
    8. Fill out the Odometer Statement, if it’s not on the back of the title.
    9. If there’s a lien on the car that’s paid off, get a letter from the company stating as such. If you’re going to assume the loan, you must fill out a UCC-1 (plus $15.00 fee) or Security Agreement ($10). Ask your loan company for these forms.
    10. Pay the $18.50 transfer fee, plus a handling fee. Ask your nearest office to calculate the fees for you.

    Send all these documents and fees to:

    • Office of Motor Vehicles
    • P.O. Box 64886
    • Baton Rouge, LA 70896

    You may also go in person to an OMV. For additional help, call Baton Rouge at (225) 925-6146.

    At the same time, you should register your vehicle. Also be sure the car has adequate, current insurance before you go in.

    Making Name Corrections

    Changing a Name

    1. Get appropriate documentation for your name change, such as a certified copy of your marriage license or divorce decree.
    2. Take this documentation to a OMV location.
    3. Fill out an Application for a Title.
    4. Pay $18.50 plus handling fee.

    If you don't have your records, you can order a copy. And while you're changing your name on your title, you might as well report it for other driving purposes, too.

    Adding or Deleting a Name

    1. Note the changes on the back of the title and get it notarized.
    2. Take this documentation (plus insurance proof) to a OMV location.
    3. Fill out an Application for a Title.
    4. Pay $18.50 plus a handling fee.

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