Pay Traffic Ticket in Louisiana

SUMMARY: How to Pay a Louisiana Traffic Ticket

Your traffic ticket payment options will depend on where you committed your violation. You may be able to pay your traffic ticket online, by mail, or in person.

For detailed instructions, refer to your LA traffic ticket or contact the appropriate traffic court.

Continue reading to learn about paying Louisiana traffic tickets.

Pay Your LA Traffic Ticket

Pay Ticket
(Plead Guilty or No Contest)

Fight Ticket
(Plead Not Guilty)

  • Contest the ticket during your hearing.
  • Prepare your case, possibly with a traffic ticket attorney.
  • Possibly attend a driver improvement course for ticket dismissal.
  • Have no penalties if found not guilty (except any applicable court/attorney fees).
  • Appeal the guilty verdict (if applicable).

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Fighting Your Traffic Ticket »

What It Means to Pay Your Traffic Ticket

Paying a Louisiana traffic ticket fine means different things to different drivers. For some, it means they're admitting guilt (pleading "guilty"); for others, it means they don't want to contest the charge (no contest).

Additional consequences and outcomes depend on the driver and the city or parish in which he received the traffic ticket.

For example:

  • You might avoid court altogether and pay your traffic ticket online or by mail (see below).
  • Certain traffic offenses are recorded on your Problem Driver Pointer System record.
  • You could lose your LA driver's license to suspension or revocation, depending on the type of moving violation.
  • Some cities and parishes allow drivers to enroll in driver improvement courses for ticket dismissal.

Note that if:

  • You're a minor, pleading "guilty" or "no contest" could result in additional penalties depending on the violation and where you are in the graduated driver licensing (GDL) process.
  • DWI-related fines and penalties are much more severe than, say, a garden-variety speeding ticket. Consult a traffic ticket lawyer before entering any kind of plea.

You must pay your fine by the court date printed on your traffic ticket. Failure to pay your ticket on time could result in a fugitive warrant and a flag placed on your LA driver's license.

Plead Guilty as a CDL Driver

Commercial driver's license (CDL) holders who want to plead "guilty" or "no contest" will follow basically the same process as regular drivers; however, CDL drivers must remember:

  • To notify their employers after receiving their traffic citations.
  • "Guilty" or "no contest" pleas (which are the same as guilty verdicts) could affect their income and even their careers.

Learn more about federally-mandated CDL traffic ticket penalties at Ticket Fines and Penalties.

Plead Not Guilty in Louisiana

Although it's the more convenient option for some drivers, you don't have to plead "guilty" or "no contest;" you can show up on your hearing date, plead "not guilty," and fight your ticket in court.

Learn more at Fighting Your Traffic Ticket.

Pay Your Louisiana Traffic Ticket Online

Some cities and parishes allow drivers to pay traffic tickets online. Check your traffic ticket to see if you're eligible.

NOTE: Generally, you need a copy of your LA traffic ticket to complete the transaction. If you've misplaced your ticket, refer to Lost LA Traffic Tickets.

Keep reading for alternative ways to pay your traffic ticket.

Additional Traffic Ticket Payment Options

Your traffic ticket includes information about other acceptable payment options.

Regardless of where in the state they received their traffic tickets, most Louisiana drivers can pay their traffic tickets in person or by mail to the city or parish court handling their traffic citations. Your ticket includes telephone and mailing address information.

Louisiana doesn't print ticket fines on their citations. You must contact your court for this information. Contact the appropriate city or district court where you received the traffic ticket. (HINT: City courts handle tickets issued by city police officers; district courts handle tickets issued by parish and state police officers.)

Be sure to find out which payment methods your court accepts. Some accept only cash and money orders; others accept credit cards and personal checks. Check your traffic ticket for this information, and if it's not on there, talk with the court clerk when you call.

Get Points Removed from Your LA Driving Record

Louisiana doesn't adhere to a points system. Instead, the state is participates in the Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS), which is part of the National Driver Registry (NDR), which keeps a record of certain traffic violations, suspensions, and revocations.

Check Your Louisiana Driving Record

Driving records can positively or negatively affect everything from your driving privileges to employment.

So, even though Louisiana doesn't assign points for "guilty" pleas or verdicts, it's a good idea to order your LA driving record from time to time to make sure the incidents reflected are correct.

Shop for Better Auto Insurance Rates

Since your "guilty" or "no contest" plea is the same as being convicted of the traffic violation, your auto insurance provider might increase your rates the next time you renew your policy.

Call your agent to find out if a "guilty" or "no contest" plea will negatively affect your rates. If you find out you'll have to pay more the next time you renew, start comparing insurance quotes online to get a better deal.

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