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    Although the process for registering a car, motorcycle, or RV in Louisiana is fairly straightforward, the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) does have a few special guidelines you should keep in mind for registering other vehicle types.

    Registering an ATV

    Unless you use your ATV solely for agricultural purposes, you must register it with the OMV. To register your ATV, bring the title, bill of sale, and proof of insurance to your local OMV. The registration fee is $3 per year for 4 years.

    The OMV will send you a reminder notice with renewal instructions shortly before your registration is set to expire.

    Although it's important to register your ATV in a timely fashion, registration does not offer unlimited driving privileges. Regardless of whether or not your ATV is legally registered, you may not operate it in Louisiana's state parks. You are allowed to drive an ATV only on public land and roads that are clearly marked as designated for use by off-highway vehicles.

    Registering a Homemade Trailer

    If you're interested in registering a homemade trailer, the first step is to contact your local Louisiana State Police Troop to arrange for an inspection. After the inspection, the trooper will issue a vehicle identification number (VIN) that will allow you to complete the rest of the registration process at a local OMV. You are required to obtain a VIN, because this number is what uniquely identifies your trailer.

    The OMV will collect fees for the VIN assignment, depending on where it was issued. The title fee for your homemade trailer is $18.50, plus an $8.00 handling fee.

    As a courtesy, the OMV will send you a reminder notice in the mail shortly before your registration is set to expire.

    Registering a Custom-Built Car

    Custom-built cars, like homemade trailers, must first be inspected by your local Louisiana State Police Troop. Once you've received a VIN number, you can continue the registration process at your local OMV and pay the VIN assignment fee.

    Contacting Your Local OMV

    If you have a question about vehicle registration procedures in Louisiana, call the OMV at (225) 925-6146. For office locations, hours, or driving directions, visit the OMV website.

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