Motorcycle Registration in Louisiana

Registering a Motorcycle for the First Time

In Louisiana, the registration process for your motorcycle is similar to the registration process for your car. You can register and title your motorcycle for the first time at the dealership from which you purchased your motorcycle or at your local Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV).

When you purchase your motorcycle from a dealership, the dealer will handle all paperwork for you. He or she will accept payment for all applicable fees.

When you purchase your motorcycle from an individual, or you just to handle the registering and titling yourself, you'll need to download and complete the Vehicle Application.

Include the following documents with your application, if applicable:

  • Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) signed to you before a notary public
  • Itemized invoice given to you by the dealer
  • Completed Odometer Disclosure Statement
  • Security agreement or financing statement

Remember, you must show proof of insurance to register any vehicle in Louisiana.


You'll need to submit the appropriate fees with your completed application. Acceptable forms of payment include a money order, cashier's check, personal check with your driver's license number, or cash if you're applying in person. Fees are as follows:

You can submit everything to your local OMV location or mail it to:

  • Office of Motor Vehicles
  • P.O. Box 64886
  • Baton Rouge, LA 70896

New residents should refer to our New to Louisiana section for titling and registration information.


You'll renew your motorcycle registration the same way you renew the registration of any other motor vehicle.

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