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    Have you ever gotten behind a vehicle at a traffic light and wondered where the driver got his awesome license plate? Has it made you wonder what the people behind you must be thinking about your plain old license plate?

    Luckily, Louisiana offers you the opportunity to spice up the back of your vehicle with a personalized or specialty license plate!

    Personalized License Plates

    By using the Louisiana Personalized Plate Inquiry Web page, you can find information about ordering personalized plates for your vehicle and check if the message you want is available.

    To request personalized license plates, you must already have a vehicle registered in Louisiana.

    You won't be allowed to duplicate an existing personalized plate. Profane or derogatory combinations, special characters, or patented logos are also prohibited.


    Personalized plates cost $25 per year. You'll also be charged an $8 handling fee and one-time $3.50 fee for administrative services.

    All regular registration fees still apply.


    If the personalized plate you want is available, just complete the Request for Personalized License Plate and mail it along with the appropriate fees to the address specified.

    Specialty License Plates

    While specialty license plates are available in Louisiana, they can only be purchased at certain Office of Motor Vehicle (OMV) locations.

    Louisiana offers various kinds of specialty plates, including military and collegiate plates. Visit the Louisiana Special Plate Inquiry Web page to search for the specialty plate you want online.

    You'll need to submit your license plate number before you can browse the specialty plates. Once you find the one you want, you'll be provided with eligibility details and your particular fee.

    You must complete the online application and mail it, along with a check for the designated fee and any required documents, to the Office of Motor Vehicles.

    Just as with personalized plates, you must have a vehicle registered in Louisiana in order to purchase a specialty plate.

    Antique Plates

    A vehicle must be at least twenty-five (25) years old to qualify for antique plates. Also, the vehicle must be maintained in its original condition, without significant changes to the manufacturer's specifications.

    Applications for antique plates must contain a recent color photograph of the vehicle, along with a notarized Antique License Plate Affidavit (Form R1213). Or, if you belong to an antique car organization, you can submit a photocopy of your membership card instead of the completed form.

    While the plates don't need to be renewed, you will have to pay a $25.00 plate fee, along with $3.50 administration fee and $8 handling fee. You can personalize the plates for an extra $25.

    Street Rod Plates

    These plates are for vehicles made before 1948 that have undergone changes to their original specifications.

    The plates cost the same as antique plates, and you apply for them in the same manner.

    Surrendering License Plates in Louisiana

    The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) requires its residents to surrender their license plates after relocating to another state or selling their vehicle.

    To surrender your plates and cancel your registration, you'll need to provide the plates and a copy of your previous registration to your local Louisiana OMV office. You can also mail your plates/registration to:

    Office of Motor Vehicles
    P.O. Box 64886
    Baton Rouge, LA 70896

    If you'd like a receipt of your cancellation, you must request one.

    NOTE: You should always surrender your license plates BEFORE you cancel your car insurance policy.

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