Voter Registration in Kentucky

Attention: Voter information and identification requirements may change prior to an election. Please check with the State Board of Election website to make sure you have the most current information.

Voter Registration in Kentucky

Voting is how we make sure our voices are heard during local, state, and federal elections—but you have to register first!

Voter Eligibility in Kentucky

You're eligible to vote in Kentucky if:

  • You're a U.S. citizen.
  • You've been a Kentucky resident for at least 29 days leading up to the election.
  • You're at least 18 years old (or will be by the date of the next general election).
    • If you'll be 18 years old by the November general election date, you are eligible to vote in the May primary election.)
  • You have not been deemed mentally incompetent and had your voting rights revoked.

NOTE: You can't claim voting rights outside of Kentucky.

Felons and Voter Registration

If you've committed a felony, you can't vote unless your civil rights have been restored.

Visit the Kentucky Department of Corrections website and check the “Restoration of Civil Rights" section.

Register to Vote in Kentucky

Register to vote by mail or in person using the Mail-In Voter Registration Card (Form SBE 01), which you can download and print, or pick up at your local county clerk's office.

Mail the registration application to the address listed on the form OR register in person at your:

  • County clerk's office.
  • Driver license issuance office.
  • Any government office that handles K-TAP, WIC, food stamps, Medicaid, or other state-funded offices for persons in need of these services.
  • Recruitment offices for the armed forces.
  • High school, if you're a student or staff member of the school.

You can check your voter registration status online using the state's Voter Information Center.

NOTE: Be prepared to show proof of identification when you vote. Examples include your driver's license or identification card.

Without identification or personal affiliation with the polling officer, you must vote provisionally. See below.

Provisional Voting

Even if you've had some trouble with your voter registration or identification requirements, you may still be able to vote provisionally.

Examples of situations in which you'd be required to vote provisionally include:

  • You've registered to vote but your name doesn't show up on the roster.
  • You show up at the polls without proper identification and no personal acquaintance with the polling officer.
  • Your status has been challenged by all precinct election officers.

Talk with the election officers at your precinct's polling place to find out if provisional voting is an option for you.

KY Military & Out-of-State Voter Registration

Typically, out-of-state residents register to vote by mail (see “Register to vote in Kentucky" above) and request absentee ballots.

Military and overseas residents have different options for registration and voting.

Military and Overseas Voters

If you're a member of the military (or a spouse or dependent), or you're a Kentucky resident currently overseas, you can register to vote using the Military and Overseas Voter Registration website.

Simply choose the “Register to Vote/Request Your Ballot" option. This will help you complete the ballot online and then mail it to the appropriate address.

Check out the Military and Overseas Voters Guide for more information.

Deadline to Register to Vote in KY

You must mail or return your voter registration application at least 29 days before the election.

Kentucky Voter Name or Address Change

Update your name or address by completing a new Mail-In Voter Registration Card (Form SBE 01) and checking “Name Change," “Address Change," or both.

KY Voter Acknowledgment Cards

Once you're registered to vote, you'll receive a card that acknowledges your registration and provides your precinct location.

If the card doesn't arrive within 3 weeks, contact your local county clerk's office.

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